Global Connectivity
In today's world, it's very easy to communicate with people who aren't in the same room as you. How far do you take it? Do you use these tools to communicate with people across a city, in a different country, or even a different continent? Is it important to do so? This survey will help find out what people like you think! Your responses are anonymous and may be shared for noncommercial purposes.
On average, how much time a week do you spend using electronic communication? (texting, email, social media, etc)
How often do you use that time to communicate with people in far away places?
None of it
All of it
Do you think it's easy to learn about different places in the world and communicate with people from those areas? What strategies could people use to do those things?
Your answer
Do you think it's important to connect with people from different places? Why?
Your answer
Hopefully you've reflected on this topic while completing this survey. Do you think you'll try to alter your use of tools for global connectivity in the future?
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