501st Legion Application
501ST Stat Requirements:
- 57% Win Rate
- Minimum 1 Tier X Tank
- 5,000 Battles
- Damage Ratio: 1.2
- Average Damage: 1,000
- WN8: 1900
- Regular Activity within Slack/Teamspeak
(some exceptions are made at leadership's discretion)
In Game Name
Email (so we can send you an invite link to Slack if accepted)
Please place a link to your stats here
Have you ever been in a clan? If so, what clan, and what positions and responsibilities did you have, if any?
Activity is important to us. Can you be active within the game and on Slack? We use Slack as our 501 Clan Family group instant messenger to help stay in touch with clan mates, 501 news and share information to help each other.
Can you commit to using TeamSpeak3 for clan countdowns and events? Members can mute their microphone if they can't talk, but we require everyone having the ability to use TS if applying to 501ST / 501DV / 501RV.
Can you agree to abide by the game rules and the EULA? Understand that failure to do so may affect membership status
What can you offer us as a member? What do you hope to gain?
What are your abilities as a player? List both strengths and weaknesses.
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