Becoming Financially Fit Podcast
Welcome to the Becoming Financially Fit Podcast.
Our podcast embraces business owners and the journey from startup to really truly kicking arse.
Numbers can, and do, scare so many people, so we are here to give you the confidence to embrace your numbers, put simple practices in place to make your business financial life easier and share stories so that you feel supported as you grow and become financially fit.

Have you gone from scared of numbers to embracing accounting software and growing your business?
Do you have some words of wisdom for other business owners who are petrified of their numbers?
How have you managed to grow financially and have you got some tips to share?
Have you struggled with your "money mindset" and overcome it?
Have you "high fived" yourself when you finally worked out your break even point?

Then we need you !!
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So I had a thought. I want to create a Podcast.  And I want to interview business owners and share their journey from startup (which is usually a phase of being petrified of numbers and all things financial) and growing to embrace their numbers and becoming financially fit.  Do you want in?? If so we would love to interview you.
We have listed some questions below to get an idea of you, your business, your journey and your story. If you are chosen to appear on our podcast, we will email you with some times to book in to record the interview.  We look forward to chatting all things business and numbers with you.  PLEASE NOTE: we may not use all the following questions in the podcast, and we might even through in some random ad hoc questions based on your answers. This is just a guide only.
Introduce yourself to us - can we get your name and business name, and give us an insight into the products or services that you offer. I don't want a pre-rehearsed elevator pitch, I want a humanised, informal chat about what you do (and why you love it). *
Can you give us your website or social handles so that we can stalk you to get a good idea about your business and brand (this won't form part of the actual podcast, it is for us to be able to customise our conversation around your business). *
Before we get into your business journey as it is now, can you tell us how you came to be a business owner.  What was that initial thought process like?  Did you wake up one day and think "today is the day" or did something force your hand or was it completely accidental? *
I think so many people think that being a business owner is "in your blood" - did you always want to be a business owner, or entrepreneur or "be your own boss" - and what was your life like before you became a business owner. *
One of the biggest fears and concerns of those in the startup phase is "how on earth do you fund a business'. How did you financially start your business and what plans did you have in place for cashflow - budgets, business plan, cash flow forecast - or nothing (there is no wrong answer here!) *
When you started your business, where were you on the "numbers don't scare me" scale? 1 being "totally petrified so I ignored everything to do with numbers", and 10 being "totally all over it and comfortable as fuck". *
Can you pinpoint why you gave that score? So many people, especially those with a more creative mind, are petrified of numbers, but don't want to admit it.  So I would love for you to share if there was a certain thing that scared you or made you feel comfortable in case it helps someone else. *
When you started your business, what did your "team" look like. And I don't mean employees per se, but who could you call for advice, who was in your corner supporting you and guiding you? Genuine supporters who truly had your back no matter what. How did your family/friends feel about you starting a business - and did they support you & understand why you wanted to do this? *
When did you realise that your business was becoming successful.  And successful doesn't necessarily mean a certain dollar value - it could mean that it was humming along smoothly, that your team was on point, that you could pay yourself a wage for the first time, or that someone recognised your brand.  What was it that made you take a step back and think of yourself as a success? *
Now that your business is humming along, and you have some experience under your belt, what has helped you grow the business to where it is now? And how do those very early days compare to today? *
Have you had to make some difficult financial decisions in business - whether that is hire staff, fire staff, end a commercial lease, stop production on items, change suppliers due to quality or output, take legal action and how did you go about removing the emotion from those big ticket financial decisions? *
Are there any tricks or tools that you use to help you deal with the financial responsibility of being the head honcho? Separate bank accounts, accounting software, mindset tools, expert advisors, Profit First Method, calculations, fancy kick arse spreadsheets - what works for you? And what could you not have lived without on your journey to become financially fit? *
Of those tools to help you become financially fit, have you used those programs from the start or did you build up to implementing these tools? Was there a certain event or experience that tipped you over the edge to implementing those programs/tools? *
Have you had moments in your business where you thought financially, it is just not worth it?  That could be not knowing where the next sale is going to come from, if you were covering costs/breaking even on certain products, having the confidence to charge your worth, and working 24/7 and still facing financial issues.  We don't need details of amounts, but I would love to know the mindset around facing those feelings, and how you coped and worked through that to come out the other side. *
What are your dreams for the next 12 months for your business - growth, stability, new products, new services, or what do you want your business to be able to provide to you/or your staff? *
Is there a particular area of your business finances that you struggled with, but have overcome - so this could be money mindset, pricing your services and products to make a profit, having a cash flow plan in times of crisis, understanding your financial reports, setting financial goals.  We would love to hear it - no matter how small it may seem, we want to celebrate the financial wins you have had. *
I would love for you to share a funny snippet into your business life, and how being on top of your finances has pulled you out of a tricky spot, or knowing your numbers helped you avoid a total disaster of a situation. I want people to realise, that no matter where we are in our business life, that truly understanding and being on top of your numbers is so very important. *
And lastly, what does "becoming financially fit" mean to you? And what are the benefits to you individually and also to your business of being financially fit?  We would love to know how you feel, the flow on effect on relationships, growth, confidence and mindset of having your financial ducks in a row. *
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