Magnet Cove Elementary Kindergarten Registration Form
Please fill out the information below to register your child for Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 School Year. Once we have received your child's information, we will schedule a testing date and time in August and notify you of any documentation that you will need to provide the Magnet Cove Elementary office.
Email address *
Child's First Name *
Child's Middle Name *
Child's Last Name *
Child's Date of Birth *
Child's Sex *
Child's Social Security Number (this is required for us to enroll them in our system and assign them to a classroom. If you have concerns regarding this, please contact the elementary office at 501-337-9131)
Mother's Name (at least one parent or guardian name required)
Father's Name
Guardian Name (if a guardian is acting in place of a parent)
Contact Numbers-(Where can we reach you if we have question pertaining to this form...please indicate the number and who it belongs to) *
Student's Physical Address (student must reside in Magnet Cove School District unless applying for school choice..School choice deadline is May 1st) *
Is your child enrolling as a school choice student? (students who have applied for school choice will be permitted to register, however final approval for school choice students will not be made until June/July) *
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