FLN - Podcast Sponsorship
-If you have a product or service that is beneficial to the intended listeners of the FLN - Podcast - we invite you to be a sponsor on this (soon to be) "award winning podcast."

To be a sponsor on the FLN - Podcast and/or the Lawyers On the Mic Podcast, it must be a Win - Win - Win scenario.

That means your sponsorship ad must be something that is valuable and focused on the legal community.

While selling aluminum siding is a great product, that is not the kind of sponsor that would be consistent with this particular show.  

Win #1:

-The product or service that you offer in your sponsorship must be valuable and beneficial to the intended listeners of this podcast. Yes, law firms that provide legal services are eligible to be a sponsor on the show.

Win #2:

-You as the sponsor get an enormous opportunity to share your message on a very wide and unlimited platform.

Marketing experts now consider sponsorships on podcasts with a very focused niche - to be one of the most valuable and beneficial forms of marketing and produces great ROI, while providing evergreen (always available) content.

Win #3

-By supporting the FLN Podcast you provide valuable resources that allows the FLN team to create, produce, publish, and market this content to a very wide range of people on an unlimited platform. Plus, we will be very excited to share and brag about the great services and products that our sponsors provide. 

Currently, with an existing membership of more than 350 people and a databased or more than 20,000 attorneys, we expect a good percentage will be listening and consuming the content from the FLN Podcast. 

Plus the reason it will ultimately be an award winning podcast is because of the great collection of FLN Members that will soon be featured and interviewed on the program.

Imagine the excitement and bragging rights you get - if you are selected to be one of the very first sponsors of the FLN Podcast. 

P.S. - In case you are wondering - FLN Members definitely get priority. Others can also submit a request to be a sponsor, but FLN Members definitely get priority.

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If not, then we should talk and explore the opportunities available.

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Please write out the proposed Ad that you would like us to present on the FLN Podcast.

Or simply send us a link to a webpage that you would like us to review, and we will know exactly what to say and how to market and promote your services.

Give us the scoop, and we will be delighted to brag about the product or services that you offer.

Plus you get to review the clip before we publish.

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