Mister Virtual World Application Form
Welcome to Mister Virtual World. Please fill out application to be considered.
Future Second Life
What do you envision your activity to be in Second life a year from now? What goals and ambitions do you have should you not win Mister Virtual World?
You agree throughout this competition should you become a finalist that you will style yourself without any help. You may ask questions, but a stylist, friend,hired help may not style you at all or you will be disqualified if found out.
Avatar Information
Avatar Name & Rezz Date
How will you promote the Mister/Miss Virtual World Organization Should you be chosen as a candidate? How would you promote should you win the title of Mister Virtual World?
What particular qualities, personality, style should Mister Virtual World Possess and why?
Please Define Mister Virtual World
What does being Mister Virtual World Mean to you?
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