CICRA survey - Autumn 2017
As our 40th anniversary approaches, we want to make sure our work is focussed on the needs today of children (and babies) and young adults affected by crohns and colitis.

This survey will give us a deeper insight into the current issues faced by children and young adults with IBD and their parents, families, guardians and carers. It will also help us prioritise where we focus our limited resources during the next few years.

We also welcome responses from friends of those affected, healthcare professionals and researchers working in paediatric gastroenterology and associated fields.

In the following survey, IBD refers to crohns disease, ulcerative colitis and all related inflammatory bowel diseases such as oral crohns or indeterminate/unclassified IBD.

To help us get different perspectives, it's useful if members of the same family (such as a parent and a child) can each fill a survey in.

You can complete this survey anonymously, but if you are interested in sharing your IBD story, there is an opportunity for you to let us know who you are, so we can get in touch. All personal data is kept confidential unless you expressly agree otherwise. We do not share personal information with any other organisations.

CICRA is the operating name of Crohn's In Childhood Research Association, a registered charity in England and Wales (278212) and Scotland (SC040700)

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