Ammon West Stake Girls Camp 2017
Camp Cuhmorah June 19th-23rd
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Permission~ Please take a few minutes to review this with your daughter.
Code of Honor

“With the world of nature as our classroom, we can experience the wonder of God’s creations and learn skills that will help us become self reliant and able to live comfortably in the outdoors. At camp, we make new friends and develop lasting friendships as we work and play together. Through shared experiences, we can draw closer to Heavenly Father and strengthen each other in living the gospel.”
(YW Camp Manual, pg. 7)

These are the goals of our girls’ camp. We want each young woman to have a good camp experience. To help this be accomplished, we are asking each of you to commit to living the standards of this Code of Honor during camp. Please read through this page with your parents and then sign it and return it to your level leader or your ward Young Women president.

Be a true friend. A true friend will encourage you to be your best self! Show interest in others and treat everyone and their property with kindness and respect. Come ready to make new friends! Go out of your way to help everyone feel welcome and included.

Be kind. Eliminate any pranks. Do service instead.

Be with the friends that are at camp! Leave all cell phones, iPods, headphones, and other electronic devices at home- even if used to access the scriptures. Bring your actual scriptures. Electronics and cell phones will be taken and held until the end of camp. If you feel you need to contact your parents, there will be leaders with access to phones that can help you. Be willing to take a break from technology, so you can more actively participate in the camp experience.

Be sensible about the clothing that you bring to camp. Pants need to be knee length or longer. Wear appropriate footwear or bring lots of bandages! Follow the standards given in For the Strength of Youth.

Be involved in all of the different camp activities. Attend all scheduled programs. Cheerfully complete any assignments given to you by your leaders and help every chance you get. Complete certification requirements and help with chores. Have an attitude of gratitude - thank those who do things for you.

Please understand that choosing to not obey the camp rules and abide by the Code of Honor may result in being sent home from camp. In that case, parents would be contacted and then expected to come pick up their daughter from camp.

By signing below, I show I understand the Code of Honor and commit to live it during girls camp 2017:

I give my permission for my daughter to attend girls’ camp, and I understand that she will be required to live by the Code of Honor while at Camp Cumorah.

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*Please make us aware of any health concerns, allergies or medications for your daughter while she is at camp. We will have a camp nurse with us all week.
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Church policy requires that medications be checked in with the camp nurse on Monday. These will be dispensed as ordered and then be returned to your daughter on Friday morning. If you have any questions or concerns about your daughter, that you want the camp nurse to be aware of, please contact Amy Landers (208)360-0707
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