CFCI Chromebook Loan Agreement Form
One Chromebook, charger and protective case are being lent to Borrower and are in good working order. It is the borrower’s responsibility to care for the equipment and ensure that it is retained in a safe environment. This equipment is, and at all times remains, the property of CFCI, and is herewith lent to the student for educational purposes only for this academic school year. Student may not deface or destroy this property in any way. Inappropriate use of the device may result in the student losing his/her right to use this device. The equipment will be returned to the school when requested, or sooner, if the student withdraws from CFCI prior to the end of the school year. Students are responsible for any damage to, loss of, or failure to return school property. Borrower acknowledges and agrees that Borrower’s use of the School property is a privilege and that by Borrower’s agreement to the terms hereof, Borrower acknowledges Borrower’s responsibility to protect and safeguard the School property and to return the same in good condition and repair upon request by CFCI.
Student Last name
Student first name
Student homeroom teacher
By typing my full name below, I am acknowledging that I have read and agree to follow CFCI’s Chromebook Agreement and other rules, procedures and expectations at all times while using the school issued device.
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