Hyperborea Leadership Interest Form
Participation: It's not just a principle; it's a critical need for Hyperborea to exist. One great way to participate year-round is to step into a leadership role in the community. Whether Team Lead, BoD, or other positions, good leaders are a valuable addition and something we can't do without.

Sometimes good potential leaders get overlooked due to the craziness of on site events, don't show their interest to the right person or at the right time, or simply don't realize that anyone can be a leader if they show the skills and desire to be one. This form is an effort to help the BoD keep track of potential leaders and give everyone an easy way to show interest.  We're looking for not just on-the-ground "doers" but big-picture thinkers and organizers. Organization and decision making skills are highly sought after and hallmarks of a good burn leader.

Tell us why you would be a great addition to leadership in our community! We'll keep your interest on file as positions open up and regularly refer to the candidate list to ensure we don't overlook good candidates in the future. Filling out this form isn't a guarantee you'll be picked for various leader roles, but it is certainly a great way to make sure your skills and desire are known.

Hyperborea - our main event in May
BoD - Board of Directors of the non-profit entity that is responsible for Hyperborea and other associated events and training year-round. The non-profit corporation is called Hyperborea Experiential Arts Team, which you may see as HEAT.

Note: Hyperborea is no longer related to the BurnT non-profit corporation in any way.
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Where are you interested in being a leader? *
What role(s) are you interested in? *
Please tell us a little bit about some experience (professional or avocational) you may be able to contribute.
How many burns have you been to?
(Hyperborea, other regionals & Black Rock City)
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What roles/jobs have you held at our events?
List everything from theme camp organizer to team lead to BoD or any other role you feel is important to mention
Have you held leadership positions at other burns?
If Yes, please list positions held
If you have not participated before, what role do you see yourself doing in an event and why?
What interests you about burn leadership?
What skills do you think are necessary for leadership in a burner community?
What skills would you bring to the job?
Leadership, technical, people, etc. Anything goes
What teams interest you and why? What would you do to change or improve them?
You can reference teams from Hyperborea, Decompression, the BoD, or any singular positions we have or that you think we need
What would make you an effective leader?
Do you prefer a more visible role or more of a behind the scenes role? Why?
How much time do you prefer to spend volunteering during a burn?
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Work for our event doesn't stop when the event ends, for some roles it is a year round commitment. What amount of time can you safely dedicate to a leadership position per week during the "off season"
Off Season for Hyperborea is typically defined as June through January
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What amount of time can you safely dedicate to a leadership position during the ramp up to a burn?
Hyperborea activity really ramps up in January or February and continues through the event itself.
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What is your favorite principle and why?
Bonus Essay Question: Describe what Hyperborea means to you and ways the Burner community can positively impact the default world
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