The Soul Empowered Empath Coaching Program
What magic gets to enter your life when you start to unapologetically listen to your inner wisdom, your intuition?

I used to be that girl that never felt good enough, that always needed others to tell her she's beautiful, smart, and loveable. That always felt like she had to prove her worth.

I used to be that girl that always put herself last, because if only she could rescue the others and make them feel good, she'd feel good too.

I used to be that girl that walked away from listening to her inner voice, her intuition, and always searched for answers outside.

Until I started listening. Listening to my gut, connecting to a greater source of power within me, experiencing my own strength and witnessing and cherishing my beauty.

By following your deeper inner guidance, you stop searching for answers outside yourself.

You set boundaries and begin to honor your needs.

You start to see how much beauty, courage and wisdom your incredible body holds.

The secret lies nowhere else but in your own gut, in your own boundless wisdom.

When you discover that voice, begin to follow it, and fully accept yourself with the deepest compassion,  wonder and awe, life becomes the miracle you always knew it would be.

This is exactly why I created "The Soul-Empowered Empath".

Now, take a deep breath. Allow yourself to feel your body: belly, chest, throat. Notice what's alive in you now.

I invite you to fill out this application from your heart, soul and body, and radical honesty.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:


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Welcome to The Soul Empowered Empath!
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Let's say you just met a genie and she promised to grant you 3 wishes that would radically enhance your life. What would they be? When you share these, remember that NOTHING is off limits. This is about creating your dream life, so share everything that's in your heart. It can be helpful to close your eyes and really feel into this, allowing the answers to come to you in an intuitive and inspired way. *
What do you think is standing in the way of you having your dream life? *
What are patterns in your life that you're ready to shift? *
Why do you think these patterns have been around as long as they have been? How have you benefited from them (even though you want to shift them, they stick around because there is a benefit also. What is it?) *
What tools and strategies have you tried that have worked for you in shifting previous patterns? Do you still use them now? *
What is your vision for your life? What do you believe gets to exist in the world because you're part of it? *
Have you ever invested in yourself before? I don't mean clothing, food and shelter. I mean an investment in your personal growth and evolution as a human - whatever that means for you. *
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How can I best support you in this process when it gets challenging for you, when you don't show up, or when you get scared? *
Coaching is an investment in yourself. It means you are committed to your own personal growth. This investment is worth it if you make it worth it - if you commit fully. If you feel your palms sweating, your heart racing, if you feel nauseous and fearful as you type your answers on this form - that's GREAT. It means you're scared. Shifting our patterns is scary as hell, because we don't know what is waiting on the other side. If you weren't committed and ready, you would not be scared, you'd be bored. So pause right now, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Tap into the beautiful vision you have of yourself and imagine your highest version. Allow yourself to see her, feel her, as if she's already in the room. Because she is.
If we both feel totally aligned and a HELL YES for working together, how will you be making your payment? *
Anything else you'd like to share with me, love?
Next Steps
This is a sacred, 3 month program in which you get to shift any patterns holding you back from experiencing your powerful voice, intuition, and boldly standing behind your values, discovering yourself with wonder and joy!

Here is what's included:
✓ 3 months of one on one coaching, where we go DEEP into your body wisdom with somatic work, mindset (questioning any beliefs that hold you back), breathwork (a transformative practice that will help you go deeper into your unconscious), inner child work (getting in touch with the little you and reprogramming patterns of behaviors that have been stuck with you since childhood) and more!
✓ 3 sessions per month
✓ Voice/text support in between sessions during office hours
✓ Additional resources shared with you based on your unique process including meditations, journaling prompts, breathwork exercises and more

Payment information:
$3500 paid in full, or 3 monthly payments of $1200

I only work with people who I find inspiring, powerful, and who I am incredibly excited to be around.

After reviewing this application, if I feel that we could be a good fit, I will invite you to a welcome call.

Sending you so much love,
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