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Band members are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. As a co-curricular course, rehearsals and performances are part of the grading process. Students must be on time for all band functions. EXCUSED ABSENCES FROM REHEARSALS: Except in cases of extreme emergency or illness, band members will not be excused from rehearsals or performances. In the case of illness, students are asked to communicate as early as possible. A Google Form submission from the parent or guardian is due within two days of the absence. If you know ahead of time about an absence, you must notify the directors BEFORE the day of the conflict. Appointments or personal business will be reviewed case by case by the directors. Please make appointments on days when there are no rehearsals. Check the band calendar on www.wolfband.org/calendar. The band website calendar is the best way to see dates. Two or more absences may result in the individual being removed from the competitive marching band.

Excused absences from a rehearsal or performance include:
1. Extreme personal illness (with immediate notification to a Director from a parent/guardian)
2. A death in the family
3. Religious holidays
4. Pre-excused with the directors for extenuating circumstances

UNEXCUSED ABSENCES FROM REHEARSALS: Any student receiving an unexcused absence from rehearsal will receive a zero for that rehearsal grade. An unexcused absence may result in the student being placed on alternate status and/or being temporarily or permanently removed from the program. Please understand that full attendance is needed to make rehearsals work.

Grading Procedures For All Bands
Grading percentages will be based on Westside policies established for the school year. Assignments and tests will be divided into “major” (70%) and “minor” (30%) grades. Grades will be posted in GradeSpeed and a performance rubric is provided in the appendix.

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