Renew 2020: Every Voice Matters
FUMC has started the planning process for a Capital Campaign. During this initial phase, we are asking everyone to participate in a confidential survey to determine the level of support for this project. Your guidance and counsel are an important part of this process. We ask you to prayerfully consider your answers and take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your immediate response is appreciated.
1. How long have you been attending worship at Forsyth United Methodist Church?
2. How often do you attend worship?
3. What is your age?
4. Overall, how much enthusiasm do you feel about our church’s programs and ministries?
5. How well does our church communicate with the congregation involving events, plans, and programs?
6. How well does our church meet its current financial obligations?
7. Do you feel adequate information is available to members about the handling of church funds?
8. Does our church teach stewardship as the giving of time, talent, and money?
9. Through our Vision 2020 committee obtaining member input, several areas were identified as needing improvement and/or implementation. As a church, we are striving to be good stewards, and we are aware that these needs may present a major financial challenge. Each facility need is described on the Project Fact Sheet and deserves your attention. Please understand that the FUMC leadership will only undertake those needs that the church can afford, so everyone’s feedback is important. Please prioritize the following needs list from 1 to 6 with 1-most important, 2-second in importance, etc. according to your perception of the church's needs. Please refer back to the enclosed Project Fact Sheet as needed. Please be sure to rank all needs since an incomplete answer will not be counted and will negatively impact the final calculations.
New Roof
Commercial Grade Kitchen and Walk-in Freezer
Improved Handicap Accessibility and New Handicap Bathroom
Installation of an Elevator and Required Code Modificatio
Renovation in the Existing Church Building and Grounds
Installation of Narthex Bathroom
10. How much do you think Forsyth United Methodist Church can reasonably expect to raise in a three-year Capital Campaign Program above the 2017 annual church budget of $550,000?
11. Do you currently participate in the financial support of Forsyth United Methodist Church?
12. Will your family give financial support to a Capital Campaign Program above your regular giving to the annual budget?
13. All members play an important role in conducting a successful Capital Campaign Program. If you answered “yes” or “undecided” to question 12 above, please estimate a challenging and attainable gift your household would be willing to consider contributing over a three-year period above regular giving. This is not a commitment but a statement of opinion. Indicate your appropriate level of support below. Please only ONE answer per household.
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