International Day of Action for Rivers 2023
The 26th Day of Action for Rivers will take place on March 14, 2023. We invite you to join us to honor our life-giving waters on this special day of celebration.

The International Day of Action for Rivers is a day dedicated to solidarity – when diverse communities around the world come together with one voice to say that rivers and the rights of communities who depend on them matters! Day of Action came out of the 1st International Meeting of Dams Affected Peoples in March 1997, in Curitiba, Parana/Brazil hosted by the Movement of Dam Affected Peoples from Brazil (MAB).  Each year since, thousands of events have taken place all around the world!

You can be a part of this movement by taking action for rivers on March 14. Whether it’s attending our virtual event, or organizing your own -- be it a river clean up, rafting or kayaking on your favorite river, performing river ceremonies and water rituals, engaging in digital campaigns, or any other action needed in your community – the important thing is that you share about it! (And abide by the Covid safety protocols of your region)

If you have a planned event please fill out the information below so we can add it to our interactive map! Also, after the event please send any photos or post event materials you want to share to!
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