5-min survey: CoinGecko Premium Subscription
[For previous CoinGecko Premium Subscribers only] We understand you once subscribed to CoinGecko Premium but have canceled your subscription. We would like to understand the reasons why you have canceled to improve our product. Thank you for taking the time to take this survey.

After this 5-minute survey on CoinGecko Premium, you can sign up to participate in a paid follow-up research which we will inform you if you are selected. For the additional time, insights and effort, we’ll send over $100 in USDC to you!

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Which CoinGecko Premium plan did you subscribe to? *
How long did you subscribe to CoinGecko Premium before cancelling ? * *
Which of the following best describes you? *
Are you subscribed to any other crypto services? e.g. Nansen, Delphi, Tax services. Please list them down, and their subscription plan name too.
Why did you cancel your CoinGecko Premium Subscription? *
How likely are you to consider paying to use CoinGecko premium subscription again in the future? *
CoinGecko Premium Plan: Premium vs Premium+ (Please refer to the questions below)
❤️    What are top features that you find MOST VALUABLE from CoinGecko Premium subscription? [Please choose up to 3 only] *
👎   What are the features that you find LEAST VALUABLE from CoinGecko Premium subscription? [Please choose up to 3 only] *
What changes can we make to CoinGecko Premium that would help you consider subscribing again? *
Would you be interested in participating in a 30-minute video chat some time in the near future?
If you are selected, we will reach out and arrange a time with you! :) Note that typical research sessions are compensated at $100 per 30-minutes session.
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