2024 Week Of Action Playlist!
Make a playlist inspired by the BLM 13 guiding principles!
To access a pretty PDF version of this form, go here: https://bit.ly/blmatschoolsplaylist2024

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LOVING ENGAGEMENT: A song that helps you learn about a topic/issue.
COLLECTIVE VALUE: A song that reminds you of someone you care about or someone that cares about you.
DIVERSITY: A song that speaks about celebrating our differences
GLOBALISMA song made by an artist outside the USA.
BLACK VILLAGES & BLACK FAMILIES: A song about Black families, values or places.
EMPATHY: Your favorite song from all time or a song that represents you.

UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK: A song that makes you feel unapologetically Black!

*For non-Black folks: A song that speaks about being an ally/comrade to Black folks.

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE: A song that speaks about healing, forgiveness or making things right.

QUEER & TRANS AFFIRMING: A song by a queer or a trans artist.

INTER-GENERATIONAL: A song composed or performed by a Black Elder or Ancestor.

BLACK WOMEN: A song composed or performed by a Black Woman.
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