Pastoral Council Nomination
Pastoral Council would like to announce 2 upcoming vacancies on our board: Both are for 3-year terms. Each position is renewable for an additional 3 years after the first term expires. Parishioners may nominate themselves or other members of our parish.

Nominees must meet the following requirements:
 A registered parishioner of OLP for at least 3 years who is at least 21 years old
 A regular participant in the worship life of our parish who receives the sacraments
 A parishioner that takes their faith seriously

Nominees should also have the following characteristics:
 Enthusiasm regarding the future of our parish
 Ability to collaborate with others; openness to other people and their ideas
 Desire for spiritual growth for themselves and the parish

Nomination Procedure:
 Complete the nomination form on the second page of this notice
 Obtain the signature of the person you are nominating (if you are nominating yourself, have another parishioner sign the form as a personal endorsement)
 Pastoral Council members are available to assist with endorsements and may be contacted through the parish office at 833-7701 (names listed below)
 Forms are due at the parish office by May 19.

Member Selection:
 Applications will be reviewed at the May 23 Pastoral Council meeting for completeness and to assure that all requirements have been met
 From the eligible applicants, names will then be chosen by lot at that same meeting

What is Pastoral Council?
 It is a visionary body that works in collaboration with the Pastor
 Council looks to the mission and needs of the parish and plans ways for us to live out the mission and meet our needs
 Parish council does not make decisions about the daily operations of the parish (other advisory boards are in place for that purpose)

Time Commitment:
 Meetings are held the fourth Monday of every month except July and December
 Additionally there will be a one-day retreat and a planning session
 If subcommittees are needed, each member will be asked to serve on one

Please contact current members of Pastoral Council for additional information: Fr. Rich Toohey (pastor), Greg Bosner (president), Greg Galdon (vice-president), Joanne Bello (secretary), Cathy Kuzma, Lori Dever, Anne Rutkowski, Liz Nee, Joe Bello, Tim Tassick, Tom Sargent, Donna Griffin, and Nancy Milkowski.

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