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Step 1: Did you subscribe to Investment Juan-01 (via Facebook like or email) on or before Sept. 22, 2017? *
Step 2: Validation of Subscribers (Sept. 22, 2017 cut-off)
* If you chose option 1, I will validate your email subscription date in the email database. No action needed from you.

** If you chose option 2, AFTER submitting this form, please SEND US A PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) (a simple Hi! will do) on our Facebook page. You have to initiate contact with us so that we can see your profile and verify that you liked/ followed the page on or before Sept. 22, 2017. See sample image of how we can check your subscription date. Otherwise, we cannot check on our own because we cannot stalk our 6000+ FB followers. The subscriber should initiate contact. :)

*** If you chose option 3, I will validate your subscription date in the email database but feel free to send us a PM in our FB page for faster validation.

Sample Facebook Validation
For Facebook "likers" and followers (on or before Sept. 22, 2017), once you send us a Private message, we can see above image to validate your Like date or follow date. Once validated, you get 50% off.
Step 3: Price List for Existing Subscribers as of Sept. 22, 2017 (Email and FB)
Price List for New Customers and Subscribers Sept. 23 onwards
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Step 5: (For New Members) Enter Voucher Code*
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Voucher Code Validation
* For Existing Members, leave voucher code BLANK. The validation in step 2 will give you the discount. Upon delivery of your order via email, a personalized voucher code will be given to you which you can use for the referral program. The voucher code will be the basis for referral income so use this when you refer new members who will purchase. Make sure your voucher code is correct.

* For New Customers, indicate the voucher code given to you by the existing member who referred you to avail of discounted price. NO VALID VOUCHER CODE, NO DISCOUNT.

Upon delivery of your order via email, a personalized voucher code will also be given to you which you can use for the referral program.

Step 6: Preferred Mode of Payment *
Terms and Conditions
We shall use the email address you indicated above to send to you the payment details within 24 hours.

Make sure it is correct and make sure you check your inbox /spam folder. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to be included in our email database.

For Facebook subscribers on or before Sept 22 2017, please do not forget to send us a simple PM on FB so we can validate your membership.

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