Now Hiring: Social Media Champs
This is not a test, this is not a questionnaire. This is an honest admission of who you are and whether you can join hands with Iffort to create some kick-ass stuff on Social Media. We aren't looking for candidates, we are looking for co-owners for brands we work with. If you aren't a rockstar, we'll make you one :)

Word of Caution: We aren't those typical agencies that you would come across. Perhaps, we are not really an 'agency'. We are slightly unconventional in our own right, but we promise you would like the culture :)

Apply if:
1. You don't have experience, but you have the passion.
2. You love all things social from Instagram to Vine.
3. You really love content of all formats.
4. You feel can beat the best brands you follow.

Ignore if:
1. You are Managing 9-10 Facebook pages or even more single handedly.
2. You use hashtags on Facebook and don't know why.
3. You copy and paste the same post from Facebook to Twitter and feel that is twitter strategy.
4. You don't like writing content but want to be a SM executive.
5. You think content is just 'text' and nothing else.
6. You already are a Social media rockstar and think there's nothing left to achieve.

Your phone number and email address? *
We still need it in the age of Social Media :)
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What's your Facebook profile URL?
We really wanna see what you are upto in your personal life :)
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What's your Twitter handle?
You gotta be kidding if don't have one :D :D
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Where else can we find you?
Share your LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr or Blog Handles please (whatever applicable)
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For how long you have been following Social media space?
1 year? 3 years? 1 month or just today :)
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Your favourite blogs and sites for consuming social media dope would be
We wanna know from where you get your secret ideas
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Your favourite brands on Social media are:
Who inspire you the most?
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Are you managing Social Media accounts for your clients?
Please share all the links with us. We'd love to see what all you do.
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That one campaign which you did which you are proud of is....
No contests? No hashtags? No ideas? Well that's what social media is no :)
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What are your interest areas?
It would be nice to know what else keeps you hooked other than social media
Anything else that you want to ask us?
Please don't ask us what are our work timings or we work on Saturdays or not :) This is a 24*7 job just kidding :D
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