Passive House 2020 Abstract Submission
Deadline: Friday, January 24, 2020

Through January 24th, NAPHN is accepting submissions for the next NAPHN Passive House conference: Passive House 2020 - Choose Your Future.

Accelerating climate disruptions and public policy initiatives are driving uncertainty about the future effectiveness of our investments today. Uniquely, Passive House provides answers, resulting in unsurpassed control, for building owners, professionals and occupants - to lower future risks and assure long-term value and well-being.

Building owners, industry professionals, manufacturers, and policymakers, at Passive House 2020 Conference & Expo, June 11-12, in New York City, will share how they leverage the international Passive House Standard, and choose their futures. Join the discussion.

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Selection Criteria
Conference theme: Choose Your Future

The core mission of Passive House 2020 is to demonstrate and discuss how (and why) building owners, developers, and occupants are choosing Passive House to improve outcomes, minimize uncertainty and risk, provide more control, increase performance and enhance well-being.

“Choose Your Future” is a call to action - to recognize the power of individuals to produce change and to build a movement; a call for us all to not forfeit our influence over events but to use it. Our time. Our money. Our emotions. Our brainpower. All of these are individual investments in future outcomes; in a future that is increasingly uncertain but still ours to shape through our actions, decisions and commitments. Passive House is a way for us to reliably invest in that future.

Some thematic questions to consider as you submit a paper (whether you are doing so as a building owner, an occupant, a design or building professional or a student):

Risky Business:
• How are we perceiving risks today?
• And how are we relating our perceptions of these risks to the team?
• Are we talking about them?
• How can we make them more meaningful and real to others?

Passive Perspective:
• In our seemingly increasing chaotic world, what is the role of the international Passive House Standard?
• What discussions do we all need to have in order to be successful that we’re not currently having?

• What are the choices being made to exert influence over the market, over the decisions of clients, builders and lenders?
• What are we getting “right” and what is “all wrong”?
• What can we all do to speed adoption and build a movement (or a lot of local movements)?
• What decisions made now will assure success (or failure) in the future?
• What ideas can be scaled and what small but important actions can be taken by others?

Investment Term:
• Are choices focused on controlling short-term, medium or long-term outcomes and why?
• How do we talk to investors and lenders?
• Are we speaking in their language?
• What do they need to hear that we aren’t saying? Are they an underutilized ally?

Tech Shop:
• What practical techniques are used to ensure performance?
• Financial? Health? Climate impact?

• What are the unmet or undeserved needs of clients?
• What are the opportunities to serve these needs?
• What can and should we expect Passive House buildings to deliver?

• Has Passive House, as a tool, helped?
• What are the results? And how can it help more?

Healthy Outcomes:
• How do you think about well-being? Personally? In your work environment? In public outcomes?
• And what are you doing about it?
• How can we be better in talking about health?

Topic Areas

PH2020 seeks a diverse exposition and discussion of issues and examples whether technical or financial, about process or details, commercial or residential, small or large, specialized or holistic, from absolutely anywhere. We want diverse voices, all grappling with the thematic questions. Tell your story of working with Passive House, dealing with uncertainty, the choices you’re making and the quest for control of comfort, safety, health, economic security and climate impact.


Proposals should:

• Be ambitious: it’s no time to think small.
• Have an advanced technical focus, assuming the audience already has a basic knowledge of Passive House and building science.
• Make strong recommendations that will help us all be better at what we do.
• Express a point of view: we’re humans, let’s talk like it.
• Have examples or data to support claims and concepts so that we can all be smarter and better in how the Passive House Standard is implemented and so we can be more effective in getting more people to adopt it.
• Be formulated to encourage a participatory experience, with questions and choices for audience members to consider.
• If possible, feature new and innovative thinking - providing a diversity of perspective and knowledge.
• Include practical guidance and tools to attendees - based on real-world experience and not speculative theorizing - that they can take-away, adapt and utilize.

Proposals should avoid:

• Focusing on your own products/services: no selling.
• Introductory or rudimentary material.
• Theoretical arguments: we want to know what specific steps and actions we can all take.
• Projects not yet under construction.
Terms and Conditions
By submitting this proposal/abstract, I agree to the following terms for participation laid out by the NAPHN 2020 Organizing Committee:

1. If accepted, I agree to email content slides to the organizers at for review and approval no later than Monday, May 13th, 2020.

2. No self-promotional or product-specific content shall be included in the presentation material. (Logo and name on first & last slide only.)

3. Presentation content shall be made available to attendees in .pdf format as reference material. (NAPHN will post to the NAPHN website after the event.)

5. Presenters shall receive a heavily reduced registration access to the conference and workshops. ($150/per presenter vs. $450/pp for full registration.)

6. A maximum of three presenters per proposed session shall be allocated the presenter registration discount.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Passive House 2020!
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