Back2Base 2018 Leader Expression of Interest
All leaders must complete an expression of interest before registering. A Back2Base Directing Team member will be in touch with you after you submit this form to confirm whether there is a place for you on camp, and send you a link to register.

We want to know how keen and able you are! This information helps us to direct for the best for camp.

We can’t promise you a role in the areas you have selected but we will definitely take them into consideration.

Year 12s can apply but we’re hoping for all year 12s to enjoy being campers.

Thanks for taking the time to complete the form!

Name *
First and last name
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What's the best way to get in touch with you? *
Do you give permission for the Directors, Tara Collier and Nicholas Mayer, to have your contact details and contact you to help plan camp? *
Will you have a valid first aid certificate for camp (including valid CPR)? *
If yes to the above, are you happy to be one of the people handling medication on camp?
Want to be in the worship band? *
If yes to the above, list the instrument/s you play, including if you're happy to sing
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Do you know how to use a sound desk for worship? *
If yes to the above, would you like to run the sound desk?
Want to be the camp photographer? *
The following questions are about pre-camp planning. Please rate your interest in pre-camp involvement for each area.
Wide games/Night Games *
Shorter games (e.g. Get to know you games, filler activities) *
Challenge night (a night during camp where campers are challenged in their faith - can take many forms) *
Decorations *
Dorm wraps/deeper discussions with your gender *
Electives *
What things would you like to be involved in running? These might need a little bit of planning before camp. Select all that apply.
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