"My EyeSite" - Tech/App User Survey
Do you have an inherited retinal eye disease?
If yes to above, please indicate your diagnosis:
If 'other', please state your inherited retinal disease diagnosis here:
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Do you have any other chronic eye disease (s), which affect your vision?
What are your other eye diagnoses (if you have any)?
Would you like to have a more active role in managing your eye problem?
How would you rate your level of sight impairment?
Excellent vision (no sight impairment)
Poor vision (severely sight impaired)
Are you able to access to the internet at home or elsewhere (via a desktop computer, laptop or Smartphone)?
Do you own a Smartphone ( a mobile phone that connects with the internet)?
If you have a Smartphone, do you download and use apps?
Have you ever made a "subject access request" for your NHS hospital data? For example, have you previously requested copies of your hospital notes, for your own use or to pass onto a third party.
If yes to above, how easy did you find the subject access request process?
Very easy
Extremely difficult
Why did you make the subject access request?
Your answer
Did the subject access request for your data meet the purpose you intended?
Would you be interested in a personalised app which would allow you to easily store your own hospital data, and share it with people of your choosing?
If you answered yes to above, who would manage/ use the app (please indicate all options that apply)?
What kind of eye data would you be interested in storing in your personal app or web account (please indicate all options that apply) ?
Who might you choose to share your hospital eye data with (please indicate all options that apply)?
Do you have any concerns about storing your data in an app or web platform, or concerns about sharing your healthcare/ eye data?
If yes, to above, what are your concerns (please indicate all that apply)?
Please further describe any specific concerns:
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Are you:
Ethnic origin
What is your age? *
What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
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