Do I Need A Retreat?
Do you find yourself daydreaming of secret get-aways? Take a moment to look at where you are in your life and ask these important questions. Once you submit your answers, LaRonda will contact you for a FREE Consultation to discuss your results. Your answers are confidential and your email is never shared.
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1. I work 2 or more jobs
2. I frequently bring work home
3. I work through the weekends
4. I work even when I am sick
5. I feel tired every day
6. I host many parties and events including preparation and clean up
7. I am always cleaning house and tackling never-ending mountains of laundry
8. I always plan meals, buy food and cook for others
9. I am constantly ticking off boxes from my never-ending to-do list
10. I juggle multiple commitments at once
11. I spend time caring for babies and/or pets
12. I help children with homework and school projects
13. I play taxi-driver for active kids or teens
14. I care for older family members
15. Basically, I stay busy meeting everyone else’s needs while neglecting my own
16. I feel like I am a floating head, disconnected from my body and soul
17. I feel bored or stuck in my current life
18. I feel disconnected and uninspired
19. I find myself dreaming of a better life
20. I secretly fantasize about packing my bags and going to stay on a tropical island
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