"Mothers In Music" Application Form
The Oh Yeah Music Centre is seeking participants for a project titled ‘Mothers in Music’, a twelve-week song writing programme designed for female musicians with caring responsibilities.

The project which is supported by the Spirit of 2012 Carers' Music Fund, aims to provide 15 women that have found it difficult to progress in music due to caring and parenting duties, with an opportunity to reconnect, regain confidence and get back into writing, recording and performance again. The project will involve song writing, music making and studio time. It will also involve a showcase at the Women’s Work festival, an annual celebration of women in music, which takes place in June across Belfast.

Caring for others is hugely rewarding, but it can also be isolating and lonely. We are keen to recruit participants that may be experiencing some of the following:

• A new mother, feeling isolated by parenting responsibilities, or caught between caring for children and
ageing parents or family dependants.
• Musicians as carers with less time than before for music creation that would like to start writing and
performing again.
• Musicians (including aspiring and emerging) as carers that would like to reconnect, regain confidence,
increase self-esteem and sense of potential through the creative process while in the company of peers and
fellow music makers.

Project Details:

• Participants do not need to be receiving carers allowance to participate in this project and do not need to be
live-in or full-time carers.
• This project aims to remove the barriers to participation and so through consultation we plan to ensure that
participants will be able to attend as many sessions as possible, benefit from working as a collective group
(suitable times/dates etc) and determine whether or not participants require access to alternative provision
for any children in their care while they take part.
• The first consultation with participants will take place in February 2020 to determine the needs as well as
any musical levels/background.
• The first of the 12 sessions will take place in March 2020 and be completed by the end of May.
• There is a showcase element for participants that would like to perform that will take place during Women’s
Work festival in June.
• During the project we will be required to gather feedback on the project from participants for reporting

If you are interested in taking part please fill in the short form below. All info provided will be kept strictly confidential and for internal purposes only.

Places will be allocated on first come first served basis.

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Your name *
Please tell us about your role as a carer (for example full time parent or registered carer, single parent working part or full time, new mum, older parent caught between caring for children and ageing parents or family dependant/s, parent of child or young dependant/s with disabilities? *
Are you currently a performing musician or have you had to pause your career due to your caring responsibilities? Tell us a bit more about your background with music below: *
Why do you want to take part? *
Would you require alternative provision for the children/dependants in your care while taking part in the project? What would help ensure you can attend? eg travel, creche, parallel activities (such as children's arts & crafts with the other participants children, running parallel to the group session you will be taking part in) (This may be easier to discuss as a group when the meeting takes place but it would be useful for us to know what we might be able to help with in advance)
Please use the space below for any other details you would like to provide.
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