PTA Member Squawk Box Form for PTA General Membership Meetings
This form is for PTA MEMBERS ONLY and should be filled out for suggestions, questions, compliments, and concerns members wish to address to the general membership during the feedback forum portion of the general membership meeting. These forms will be printed and added to the Squawk Box to be read at the next General Membership meeting, time permitting. Forms which are not addressed will be held until the next meeting, addressed on the members only facebook page, or addressed on our PTA website in the Newsroom.

RULES: Forms should not address a specific child, parent, administrator, teacher, or staff member by name. All forms should consist of only PTA business as it pertains to our general membership. Forms should not be inappropriate in nature or use strong language. Forms that violate these rules will be discarded and WILL NOT be read aloud at the meeting at the discretion of the PTA Secretary and Executive Board. You are not required to include your name or contact information. Concerns not pertaining to the general membership may always be emailed to the Executive Board via our Secretary ( at any time. Concerns with a specific child or staff member not relating to PTA or the general membership should be handled privately outside of the general membership meeting.

Does my Suggestion, Question, Compliment, or Concern:
Concern or Benefit Everyone in our PTA General Membership?
Will My Suggestion, Event, or Program Idea Benefit All Students at UES?
Lead to Positive Open Discussion and Communication?
Concern a PTA Event, Program, Grant, or the Membership?

Please address the following Question or Concern at the Next General Membership Meeting *
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