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Welcome to the sending things to nanolab online form! You will need to SCROLL DOWN to complete the form in its entirety. It may take a few moments to load on mobile devices.
If you fill out this online form you do not need to print anything to send with your films, but do ensure we can unambiguously associate your POSTED FILMS with your NAME and/or the invoice number from the invoice you receive. Our address for posting films to is on the invoice.
IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN INVOICE please check your spam folder, and if necessary, make an 'approved' or 'safe' sender in your email settings. If you do not have an email address you won't be able to use the online form or receive your data by downloading from an online link. In this case, please send written details with the films including contact details, whether you require a digital transfer and how you would like to pay. ALL KODACHROME MUST BE SENT TO FILM RESCUE IN CANADA - do not send it to us.
Email *
Name *
The name given here will be used to IDENTIFY YOUR FILM WHEN IT ARRIVES. If other names are involved with payment or postage, or you have filled out several forms, please USE YOUR INVOICE NUMBER on the parcel and with the payment to help avoid confusion and delays. As we have a lot of customers at the moment, it may not be possible to identify you if you only give your first name - a first name and surname is preferable. If the package and payment will only have a business name with them, please enter the business name here instead.
How can we ring you if necessary?
Please enter a telephone number
Do you want the roll of film returned?
As data is generally delivered online, we use normal mail for film return
Postal address for return of film
Please express your address as it should appear on the envelope. There are four lines available to use. You do not need to repeat your name here. First line can be for number and street name, or business/studio name if there is one, or (if receiver's name is not as above) 'c/o' or 'attn:', etc.
Town or Suburb (or number and street if not in first line)
State and postcode (or whatever you are up to at this point). PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR POSTCODE. You are much more likely to receive your mail if you include a postcode.
Any further lines of address you require (specify country if not Australia):
What are you sending?
How many cartridges require processing? Normal turn around is CURRENTLY 10 TO 14 DAYS. If you require a really fast turn around, check the 'next batch' box lower down on this form.
All processing is $40 per 50 foot (15m) cartridge. Do check to see that the little word "exposed" or the cut end of the film is visible on the film in the cartridge opening to ensure your roll of film is fully shot (the loading machine at Kodak sometimes runs out of ink for printing "exposed"). ALL KODACHROME MUST BE SENT TO FILM RESCUE IN CANADA - do not send it to us.
7203 Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative film 50 D
How many rolls of this stock are you sending?
7213 Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative film 200T
How many rolls of this stock are you sending?
7219 Kodak Vision3 Colour Negative film 500T
How many rolls of this stock are you sending?
Black and White film (e.g. Tri-X 7266)
Black and white films will be processed as a negative, and require a transfer to digital. If you intend to project your film on a traditional super 8 projector please contact us. Tri-x 7266 is the main current Black and White film. Other films we process are: Tri-X 7278, Plus-X 7265 or 7276, Adox, Orwo UN54 and Orwo N74. Any of these stocks can be entered here. How many black and white rolls are you sending?
7294 Kodak Ektachrome Colour Reversal film
Colour reversal film is rather scarce at the moment, so processing is infrequent. You may have to wait a month or even longer for this service. Colour reversal is the only process that yields results suitable for projection on a super 8 projector. How many rolls of this stock are you sending?
Types of Super 8 film other than the above
'Other' films are limited to: colour reversal films Kodak Ektachrome 100D 7285, Ektachrome 64T 7280 and Ektachrome 7240; Wittnerchrome 200D / Spectra Agfachrome 200D (SPECTRA BRAND ONLY - NO AGFA PACKAGED FILMS), plus Fuji's Velvia, Astia and Provie from Retro8 or Wittner. We also process Pro 8mm films. Any super 8 not in this list and ALL KODACHROME MUST BE SENT TO FILM RESCUE IN CANADA!! - do not send it to us.
What do you want us to do?
After processing, your film can be transferred to digital. Note, WE ONLY TRANSFER FILMS THAT WE HAVE DEVELOPED AT NANOLAB (we don't do transfer only jobs). Transfer is to pro-res files at either HD 1920 x 1080 resolution ($30 and 2-3 GB of data per 50' (15m) cartridge) or 4K 3840 x 2160 resolution ($50 and 8-11 GB of data per 50' (15m) cartridge). Data is delivered via download from a link unless you request otherwise. Transfers capture the traditional 4:3 super 8 image in the centre of the 16:9 (normal) video frame. We deliver the entire scan which leaves visible the film artefacts and defects each side of the Super 8 image.
Transfer to digital *
Frame rate of your film
18 fps is the usual frame rate for Super 8 (if your camera doesn't say, it will be 18 fps). If you are unsure you can leave this blank. If the frame rate we apply is wrong (if your footage appears as fast motion or slow motion), you can change it using video editing software. If you want your footage at another frame rate indicate this in the "special instructions" below.
Clear selection
DO NOT SEND A DRIVE unless you cannot download large files and require data delivered via a drive.
I am sending a portable hard drive or thumb drive MINIMUM 16 GB capacity. (Allow 2-3 GB per HD file and 8-11 GB per 4K file). Checking this box will increase the postage cost included in your invoice. YOUR DATA WILL NOT BE UPLOADED IF YOU SEND A DRIVE. YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE THE DATA WHEN THE DRIVE REACHES YOU THROUGH THE POST.
Special instructions
This is NOT a good place to ask questions. If you have questions you will get an answer more quickly if you send us an email directly. Any unusual requests not covered by the form can be listed here (e.g. mixed or extra transfer requests, turnaround requirements, credit you have with us, other postage types, mixed or unusual frame rates.) The automatically generated invoice you receive may not reflect your special instructions. If you require a revised invoice for your records, you can request one. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED A PARTICULAR TURNAROUND TELL US HERE AND WITH THE POSTED FILM. Telephone or email requests are not stored with your information, and may not be acted on. TO ORDER FRESH STOCK USE OUR STOCK ORDER FORM. It is not possible to post stock with returned films, as different postage rates are involved. ALL KODACHROME MUST BE SENT TO FILM RESCUE IN CANADA!! - do not send it to us.
'Next Batch' processing and transfer
DO YOU REQUIRE A REALLY FAST TURN AROUND? Our normal turn around these days for negative (Vision3) films is currently TWO WEEKS. We do however also have a 'next batch' service where we can guarantee to process your film in the next batch and then get the transfer done straight away. Cost is an additional $30 per roll (i.e. $70 per roll for processing only, or $100 for process and HD scan, or $120 for process and 4K scan per cartridge of film). This will not change the turn around time for Ektachrome. All Ektachrome is processed as soon as enough films have arrived. If you have Ektachrome film which requires quick turn around email us. USE EXPRESS POST!! It only costs $3 more - normal post takes 7-10 days (in which time you miss 3 batches of processing!!).
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