MTA Senior Survey - 2017
Seniors: Please complete this form carefully. This information is necessary for planning our ongoing post-secondary support, and to update the school profile. This information will also be used anonymously in proposals to request funding for post­-secondary planning.

All questions marked with an *Asterix require answers.

This is a graduation requirement; and graduation materials ( Tickets, Cap and Gown) will not be distributed unless this survey has been completed.

1. First Name *
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2. Last Name *
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3. Cell Phone Number (If you don't have a cell phone, type "none".) *
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4. Personal Email Address (NOT your Mt. Ararat email address. If you don't have a personal email address, type "none".) *
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5. What are your plans for next year? *
6. Have you completed at least one College application? *
7. If you completed a College application, how did you submit it?
8. If you submitted a College application, to which school(s)?
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9. If you plan to attend College next year, have you already been accepted?
10. If you have been accepted to a college, and plan to attend, where?
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11. If accepted to college, have you notified the college and paid a deposit?
12. Where would you like your final transcript sent? *
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13. If you plan to attend college, please check all that apply.
14. If you plan to attend college, what is your intended major?
15. Did you and/or your parents complete and submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid Form) ? *
16. If you completed FAFSA and have been accepted to college, did you receive financial aid?
17. If you did not complete a FAFSA, why not?
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18. If you are planning to defer any post-secondary education enrollment, please explain why.
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19. If you plan to take a certificate or apprenticeship program, what specific career training will you enroll in?
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20. If you are joining the military, which branch?
21. Have you already enlisted?
22. If you have already enlisted, what is your departure date?
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23. If you plan to work next year, do you already have a job?
24. If you already have a job for next year, who is your employer?
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25. If you don't have a job for next year, what are your plans to find a job?
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26. Are you interested in help completing the FAFSA?
27. If you don’t have a job for next year, are you interested in resources to help you find a job?
28. Did one or both of your parents attend and/or graduate from college? (select all that apply) *
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