Etsy Made Local- Tottenham 2019

Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in Etsy Made Local (EML) Tottenham Christmas Market. This will be the third year for the Crafty North Londoner hosting an EML in Tottenham. Please read the following information before applying for a stall.
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About Etsy Made Local
Etsy Made Local is an annual seller-led, Etsy initiative celebrating crafters, collectors and artisans from across the UK. Between 29 November - 1 December, towns and cities will play host to a pop-up market featuring some of the best handmade gifts, vintage goods and craft supplies available on, to local customers.
We are working on finding a suitable central venue in Tottenham which will be confirmed soon. Watch this space.

We welcome applications from those whose wares are handmade (preferably locally) and vintage items. Last year we saw 2500+ shoppers through our doors, and no doubt that figure will increase this year.

To be eligible for this market, you must have an Etsy shop and be part of the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team, please join here

Please ensure you have items listed on your Etsy shop. If you do not currently have an Etsy shop, you agree to open one at least a month before the market (November 1st). Please message for details how to receive free listings, for new shops only.

Do follow us to learn of more events happening near you.

Your Privacy
By completing this application form, you are agreeing to be contacted by Crafty North Londoner (Etsy Team) for the purpose of disseminating information specific to Etsy Made Local and Crafty North Londoner events.

Your data (personal information) will NOT be passed onto any parties except for in the instance where you will receive direct promotion for you and your brand. This may be through, press who may wish to feature you and or your items and, Crafty North Londoner communication platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Crafty North Londoner Facebook/event page.

Since the launch of Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team, all forms have, and continue to be password protected to ensure your data is kept safe and secure. We do not care for third parties!

Terms & Conditions
1. If you are selling handmade items, you must guarantee these items are your own work and that they do not infringe any third-party trademarks or copyright and do not contain or reference any third party trademarks (

2. All sellers must be members of the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team (click the following link to join ).

3. You must hold current public liability insurance and provide an electronic copy of the certificate, should your application be successful. You agree to supply a copy to the Crafty North Londoner Etsy Team on or before Sunday, November 4th 2018.

4. This market is organised on a voluntary basis.Application does not guarantee a place. If you are accepted, you agree to play an active role on our social media pages. You are invited to a guest 'takeover' for one week.

5. If your application is not successful we may place you on a waiting list.

6. Payment of stall will be due within 7 days of the date of acceptance. Please note this in your diary. Once this deadline has passed, your stall will be offered to another. Once paid, your place is secured and your fee is non-refundable. We will not accept cancellations and no-shows. Please ensure that you are available to attend.

7. This a community led market held entirely voluntarily. Do you know of friends or family who would like to get involved on the day? Could include gift wrapping, etc. Please indicate on the form.

8. You will be featured on the blog. Successful applicants will be invited to send in two to three images of an example of item(s) intended for sale at the market, or we will take from your social media channels. A set of questions will also be sent to you, or feel free to send through a bio. These will be used to promote you ahead of Etsy Made Local Tottenham and beyond.

9. This is a curated market. YOU agree to sell the items noted in your application form. Example, you apply to sell artwork, but you also bring jewellery. You WILL be asked to remove what is not stated on your application form. Please do not be offended.

10. Everyone agrees to show respect and courtesy to your fellow traders. We're in it together.

11. Photography will be captured to promote future Crafty North Londoner markets. Should you wish not to participate, please let us know, should your application be successful.

Should you have any further questions about this application process, please contact us at subject line, 'Etsy Made Local Tottenham Enquiry'

«The form asks for a fair amount of information now simply to avoid asking at a later date. Thank you and good luck! »

Application Form
A copy of your application will be sent to you. This is for your records. Please complete one application to save on duplication and confusion.

Applications will be accepted up to 18 August and you will be notified on or before 1 September.

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The Market
Two venues centrally located in Tottenham

Venue 1 - Tottenham Town Hall, Town Hall Approach Road, N15 4RY
Date: Saturday, 30 November
Time: 11am to 4.30pm

Venue 2 - The Beehive Pub, Stoneleigh Road, N17 8BQ
Date: Sunday, 1st December
Time: 11am - 5pm
*Please note, this is a smaller venue and can only accept 12 traders total. This also means no clothing rail/art browsers*

Stall and Costs

FULL table £70 for a full (6ft)
HALF shared table £45 (half 6ft table)

If you intend to bring a clothing rail, art browser, mannequin and effectively requiring more floor space than just a table, this may be possible at the Town Hall venue only. This will incur an additional charge of £10. Please be honest in your requirements as you will be asked to remove such items if it encroaches onto other vendors space, or proves a health and safety hazard.

Table size *
When would you like to trade?
Your Products - Category
Please select the category that best represents the products you wish to sell. You may check more than one box.
Please provide a very brief description of your products you wish to sell. This will help to promote your items. *
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Are you local to Haringey borough? *
If you are local to Tottenham/Haringey, can you help with promotion? (flyers, speaking with local businesses, social media, local press, etc)? *
Setting up: how much time do you require? This will determine your arrival slot. *
Goody/Swag Bags
This proved successful at previous Christmas markets and is great for getting customers through the door. We ask (if possible) to donate items you feel you can part with (old, non-moving stock) to go in the goody bags. 40 goody bags will be handed out on Saturday 30th November, and another 40 on Sunday 1st December. 80 bags total.

It is requested that more than one item is donated.

An additional two enhanced bags will be raffled to raise support and awareness for a Tottenham based charity (TBC so please do put forward suggestions).
If you check 'yes', please ensure your items are received by 14 November. You may send them in the post (address to be provided at a later date), or meet at a central location in Tottenham. Please do not check 'yes' if you are unable to commit to the goody bag.

Would you like to contribute towards a giveaway? *
Let's Get Social!
The direct hashtags to be used are:


You AGREE to participate in the promotion of the market on your social media channels at least three weeks before the market.
As before, examples of text to use will be disseminated along with promotional imagery.

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Get Involved
This is a community event run and held voluntarily. Do you know of anyone who might like to help on the day, for an hour or two in the area of providing a charity gift wrapping service or other areas?

As with the previous year, we would like to host a pre-market meet up. This proved successful last year and a great opportunity to meet your fellow traders ahead of the market not to mention insightful for those trading for the first time.

Do you know of anyone who would like to help?
Pre-market get together, November *
Would you be interested in a Christmas Pop Up Shop?
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Your Agreement
By checking this box, you have read, understood and agree with the terms and conditions set out above. You confirm the form has been filled out accurately and to the best of your knowledge and acknowledge what is required of you. If selected, you agree to bring to market items as described in your application form submission.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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