Pastor Search Congregational Survey
Your Expectations
Please answer the following questions to indicate your expectations for the next pastor of Thomasville First Baptist.
What is the desired age range for the pastor? Select one. *
What is the minimum acceptable educational level you expect the pastor to have attained? Select one. *
What are acceptable marital statuses for the prospective pastor? Check all that apply. *
What minimum pastoral or professional ministry experience should be required? Select one. *
What should the size of the prospective pastor's current church be in relation to our church? Select one. *
Which two of the following do you consider the most important strengths needed by the incoming pastor? Check only two. *
The following are activities to which a pastor may allocate time each week. Read all choices and check the three areas that should be the top time priorities of our new pastor. Check only three. *
Compared to our church's current worship services, would you want the prospective pastor to lead in making any changes to our musical styles? Select one. *
Which of the following elements of preaching style effectively communicate God's Word to you? Check all that apply. *
Of the ministry priorities in our church, which three of the following does the incoming pastor need to emphasize most? Check only three. *
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