Анкета для здобувачів - ENGLISH
Dear respondent!

The State organization "Testing Board" at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is conducting a survey to identify problems related to the preparation and passing of the USQE / licensing exam and to find possible solutions.
This survey is voluntary and anonymous, its results will be summarized and used for scientific and practical purposes.
Please answer the questionnaire as frankly as possible. We welcome each participant and will be grateful to you for your decision to join us. The more objective your answers, the more reliable results of the study, which together will allow us to maximize the quality of USQE / licensing exams.

Thank you in advance.
1. What is your specialty? *
2. What type of Higher Education Establishment (HEE) do you study at? *
3. What is the form of ownership of the HEE? *
4. What form of education do you study? *
5. You are studying: *
6. Where is the higher education establishment where you study located? *
7. You became a student of a HEE after: *
8. Which contingent of students do you belong to?
Clear selection
9. Have you passed the USQE / licensing exams? *
10. How satisfied are you with the level of preparation for the USQE / licensing exam in your higher education establishment? *
11. When preparing for USQE / licensing exams, what do you use the most? *
12. Do you receive timely explanations from teachers on issues that arise in the process of preparation for USQE / licensing exams? *
13. What complicates the process of your preparation for the USQE / licensing exam the most? (check not more than 3 options) *
14. In your opinion, does USQE / licensing exam objectively reflect the level of student's knowledge? *
15. How much time did you spend to prepare for the exam? *
16. For you personally, what is the phenomenon of corruption associated with? (check not more than 3 options) *
17. What, in your opinion, are the main factors of bribery? (check not more than 3 options) *
18. Have you ever encountered cases of corruption during the licensing exam? *
19. Have you personally had to do the following when preparing for the exam? (check not more than 3 options) *
20. What motivates students try to "buy" exam results? (indicate the statement you consider the most important) *
21. Are you ready to report cases of corruption? *
22. What measures should play a key role in the fight against corruption? *
23. Have you been offered paid services for successfully passing the USQE / licensing exam? *
24. Evaluate the work of proctors (representatives of the Testing Board) using a 5-point scale? (where 5 is the highest score, 1 is the lowest one) *
25. Did the proctor instruct you clearly enough during the exam? *
26. What comments do you have about the representative of the Testing Board? *
27. Have you noticed any violations of the testing procedure by other test-takers? *
28. In your opinion, how transparent and open to the public the activities of the Testing Board? (where 1 – no transparency, and 5 – everything is transparent and open to the public) *
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