The Seed Deed: Request Form
This form is for use be those that are in NEED of seeds. Please, please, please be respectful and only request if you are in need. Postage costs and legal requirements for sending internationally ( we are US based) may prohibit us from fulfilling certain requests. If this is an issue for your request we will certainly let you know - our apologies that it is this way.
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Do you have any medical requirements that would affect what we send?
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Are there any seeds that are high priority for you? (IE I eat a tomato everyday and can my own sauces, tomatoes MUST be grown, or My son only likes to eat eggplant for dinner, etc) Any veggies/fruits/herbs you hate and would go to waste if we sent you?
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Please tell us more about your garden space. Are you in an apt? Community garden? Acreage? What is your USDA zone?
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Is there any other information we should know for the selection process?
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Any questions for us?
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You understand that there is no guarantee that you will receive seeds but you will be responded to.
Are you willing to seed save from the plants produced by the seeds we provide and pay the love forward to others by sending back seeds when you can? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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