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Welcome to our 2 Day Webinar of the EQUAL-IST Webinar Series: “Towards the implementation of Gender Equality Plans”.

We invite you to participate in our third Webinar titled: “Enhancing female researchers careers in ICT/IST: structural change at the intersection between Department/Faculty and University level measures”.

This webinar is split in two short on line meetings where we will have the opportunity of listening to good practices promoted by Faculties of Computer Sciences.

As ICT/IST disciplines are well known for being among research areas where female representation is lower across the career ladder as well as in full professorship/senior positions, we aim at exploring how structural change for gender equality can be effectively promoted in these fields in particular and how measures from Departmental and Faculty levels can intertwine and be aligned with broader initiatives/changes promoted by the entire University/Research Organization.

For this purpose, we will base our discussions on two keynotes from excellent universities:

Wednesday, 23rd May 2018

• Prof. Gertrude Kappel will highlight on measures promoted by TU Wien Faculty of Informatics, which has put in place a set of interesting measures along more than 10 years, among others including opening post doc-assistant and tenure track researcher positions for women only.

Thursday, 24th May 9, 2018

• Prof. Lejla Batina will present us on the initiatives undertaken by Radboud University, Institute on Computing and Information Sciences, which has been awarded within the 2017 Minerva Awards from Informatics Europe, devoted to initiatives supporting the transition of female PhD and postdoctoral researchers into faculty positions.

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