Garbi's Beta Application
Hello! We're looking for Families interested in testing Garbi, the Smart Trash Can. For more information about Garbi, visit our website:

Who we're looking for:
- Families who buy Groceries (Shouldn't be hard to find 😊)

What we’re offering:
- Prototype (No Cost)
- Free grocery delivery for the duration of the Beta

What we’re asking:
- 15 minutes of Feedback every other week (generally via phone call or survey)
- Patience as we build out foundational features

(Note: Applicants are selected on a rolling basis as units become available)
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Setup Questions
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Which of the below unit styles would you Prefer? *
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Unit Styles
Do you have a current membership with any of the below grocery delivery services? Please select any/all that apply *
How many times per week do you go grocery shopping? *
Either in person or via delivery service. Basically how many times a week do you purchase groceries?
OPTIONAL (but Super Helpful!) Questions
If you're running short on time, you can skip these, but they are really helpful for us! :)
How did you hear about us?
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In a few short sentences, why are you excited about Garbi?
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Do you have any thoughts/questions/concerns about Garbi?
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