Chat with me! (Rosie Campbell)
I'm trying out offering free 30 minute calls to people interested in relevant areas who I may be able to help. It's kind of a cross between mentoring, coaching, and consultancy. I have no idea how many people will be interested in this so I may not be able to speak with everyone, but this form will help me figure out if I think I can be useful to you!

Areas I can help with (or am interested to discuss) include:
- Career advice (particularly if you're interested in AI, emerging tech, or other Effective Altruist careers)
- Productivity advice and being a competent human
- Thinking about incentives, mechanism design, and building robust institutions
- General problem-solving or rubber-ducking

What do I get out of it?
1. I like meeting cool people doing interesting things
2. I want to help people have a bigger impact and improve the world
2. I want to see if this is something I'm good at that people find useful - I'll probably send a feedback form afterwards - please be honest!
Email address *
Link to more info about you (LinkedIn, Twitter, personal website etc)
What would you like to talk about?
What topics are you interested in? Do you need career advice? Are you making a big decision? Are you looking for ways to be more productive? Something else? How can I help?
What timezone are you in?
What is your availability like for video calls?
E.g. are you free at evenings and weekends? Are some days better than others? Are there periods of time you know you're away/unavailable?
Any other info I should know?
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