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Guided by fierce love for our families and communities, the National Perinatal Task Force (NPTF) seeks to dismantle the braid of oppression impacting communities of color. We recognize strength and abundance in the breadth of our intersectional collective in order to harness the limitless power of our lived experiences.

We believe all people have the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we care for with equitable resources to thrive in community. Furthermore, with a vision of Reproductive Justice and an equity lens, we believe in Maternal Justice, where even the most marginalized are able to birth with full human rights and self-determination, where we honor the powerful and sacred ability to create new humans, and all childbearing people receive culturally grounded, attentive, quality, loving care.

To model the world we are birthing, we use Collective Organizing to shift the paradigm of reproductive health by addressing the root causes of inequity, building collective power, and advancing liberation for all.

We transform the world via Praxis, where our collective practices as perinatal providers guide our methods for transforming the world and making social change.

In solidarity with our partners in movements for Reproductive Justice and all forms of social justice, we work in our local communities to advance Maternal Justice and collectively birth a more just and loving world.


We are building our collective power nationally by weaving together the local people power of amazing autonomous locally based maternal racial justice efforts consolidated into our NPTF national membership structure. There are multiple paths to becoming a member of the NPTF. Here are our current membership categories:

NPTF Perinatal Safe Spot™:
Individuals of the global majority, collectives or organizations of official virtual and physical, community-embedded practices and perinatal professionals providing direct services. PSSs are made up of people using their shared cultural and lived experience to advance collective self-determination and maternal justice in their communities. NPTF Perinatal Safe Spots™ are independently operated sites (virtual and/or physical) implementing collective perinatal health work in their community. The PSS’s are the roots of the National Perinatal Task Force™, modeling the vision and birthing a just and loving world through practice.

NPTF Amplifier:
Individuals taking action in their community. NPTF amplifiers raise consciousness via education and activism to amplify the vision of birthing a just and loving world. For more information about the NPTF Amplifier program, please email

NPTF Igniter:
Collectives/organizations taking action in their community. NPTF Igniters spark collectives by building local collective efforts to launch new PSSs and/or maternal justice community organizing projects towards the vision of birthing a just and loving world. For more information about the NPTF Igniter program, please email

All members are committed to the business of saving lives and are actively working to shift the paradigm of reproductive health by addressing the intersectional root causes of inequity, building collective power, and advancing social justice and liberation for all.

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