Confidential Principal Recommendation
Please complete and e-sign this form by March 19, 2019, on behalf of the teacher who has applied to be a 2019 Teaching Fellow. A Teaching Fellow must demonstrate outstanding skills and must be considered a highly valued member of your school team.
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3 - This teacher is highly effective with regard to this characteristic
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1 - This teacher could use improvement with regard to this characteristic
Demonstrates a love of students
Demonstrates a passion for teaching
Demonstrates leadership
Demonstrates highly effective teaching
Demonstrates innovative thinking and a willingness to try new approaches
Makes students feel positive about learning
Is a positive member of the school team
Demonstrates an ability to connect with students
Demonstrates an ability and willingness to collaborate
Relative to other teachers in my school who are applying to the Teaching Fellows Institute, I would rank this teacher
Demonstrates cultural competency and/or an interest in developing cultural competency​
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If this candidate is selected, TFI asks that you give him/her the opportunity to share his/her experience and new knowledge with the faculty at the beginning of the next school year. By clicking "I agree" below, you are acknowledging that you will provide the candidate with time to do so.
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