Denville Trails Survey
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1. Do you visit the Denville Township trails system?
2. How often do you use the Denville Trails?
3. Which of the following describes your use:
4. How would you describe the condition of the Denville Trails?
5. Which of the following additions to the Trails system would you recommend? (Check all that apply.)
6. What destinations or parks do not have trails but should?
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7. Which of the following would you find valuable? (Check all that apply.)
8. Do you have concerns about your safety when using the trails? If so, please explain.
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9. If you have used other trail systems, how does the Denville Trails system compare?
10. Do you believe the Denville Trails system is a valuable asset for the community?
11. Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about the Denville Trails system?
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