Surveying Impartial Discourse: Utilities in Colorado
Dear Participant,

My name is Rebecca Vigil and I am the Community Coordinator for Pueblo's Energy Future--a grassroots network of concerned citizens. We are conducting an anonymous research study on understanding utility needs in Pueblo, Colorado. The title of our project is, "Surveying Impartial Discourse: Utilities in Colorado." The Principal Investigator is Pueblo's Energy Future.

We would like you to take an anonymous online survey. Participation will take approximately five minutes. Your participation in this research is voluntary. If you decide to participate in the study, you may withdraw your consent and stop participation at any time without penalty.

We will not collect your name or personal identifiers. When we report and share the data to others, we will combine the data from all participants. While there are no direct benefits to you, we hope to gain more knowledge on the concerns of businesses in the Pueblo community.

The risks associated with participation in this study are minimal. A small risk to you is that some of the questions may make you feel uncomfortable. It is not possible to identify all potential risks in research procedures, but the researchers have taken reasonable safeguards to minimize any known and potential (but unknown) risks.

To indicate your consent to participate in this research and to continue on to the survey, please click, "I agree." If you do not want to participate, please close this window in your internet browser.

If you have any questions about the research, please contact Rebecca Vigil at . If you have any questions about your rights as a volunteer in this research, contact Pueblo's Energy Future at 719-470-1733

Rebecca Vigil
Community Organizer
Pueblo's Energy Future

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