APPLICATION for The Domes at Baggins End Innovative Housing
The Domes at Baggins End is a living-learning community that encourages critical thought, communication and cooperation between individuals and the community, active maintenance of an open and inclusive space, and resistance to consumerism and structures of oppression.

We aim to enact these values through the following, yet are always making mistakes along the way:
*Unlearning oppressive behaviors – which includes recognizing our privileges and biases, and questioning what we’ve been told
*Taking personal responsibility for self-education and introspection
*Learning from one another, and educating others outside the community
*Encouraging experimentation with yourself, your interests, and the space
*Being patient with ourselves and others
*Sharing our resources – time, tools, meals, and knowledge (when we are able)
*Creating a space for self-care
*Providing affordable, low-income housing
*Supporting each other as students in our various academic pursuits
*This is not a space for prejudices, stereotypes, violence, and/or oppressive language or behavior towards any one race, ethnicity, gender identity, sex, sexuality, ability (social, mental, physical), socioeconomic class, age, size, religion, or citizenship status
*Respecting one another’s needs – space, noise, cleanliness, and other personal preferences
*Being open to changing your mind and not getting everything you want – while prioritizing some people’s needs over your own
*Resisting consumerism and production-based mentality – growing our own food, seed saving, food preservation, communal dinners, composting, grey-water, energy reduction, free-cycling, reusing, communal tools, and so on…
→ Consider how growing your own food challenges corporate dominance of people, cultures, and land
Recognizing the intersectionality of ideas and movements and promoting solidarity between them


We want to get to know you! As an applicant, you are strongly encouraged to come to our
potluck community dinners Monday-Thursday at 7pm in the Yurt. Feel free to bring a dish to share.
There are also work parties every-other Sunday from 9-3.

This application is not a guarantee for a housing space. It will be included in the pool
of applications for available spaces. You are encouraged to keep in touch with the Community, especially if you wish to be considered beyond the quarter for which you are applying.

Feel free to find ask questions and/or make suggestions towards our applicant process either in person or by emailing We are an evolving, learning community.
In 2011, the Domes (aka Baggins End Innovative Housing) were closed due to requirements placed on us by the University. The Domes reopened in January of 2012 under the agreement that we would change key aspects of our space (presentation, utility, safety, accessibility) and create a plan for improved integration into the larger academic campus community. Currently, we are operating under the protection and guidance of the Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA),  a nonprofit corporation dedicated to providing affordable, cooperative housing to low‐income people. We are currently in the process of signing a 20-year lease with the University pending adequate maintenance of the property. We ask that our applicants be aware of the larger structures the Domes operate under and within.

In order to be eligible to be a resident of Baggins End Innovative Housing, you must be a registered, full-time student of the University of California, Davis.

Are you a registered, full time UC Davis student? *
Approximate timeframe for which you need housing? (academic quarter/ year for which you are applying) *
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What are your expectations for life at the Domes? *
What can the domes do for you/ what can you do for the domes
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What communities do you view yourself being a part of? What is your experience with diverse groups of people? AND how do you see yourself contributing to a diverse community? *
(i.e. different racial, ethnic, and gender identities, sexualities, faiths, accessibility needs, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, and political alignments)
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What is your academic focus? How do you foresee integrating this focus with your life at the Domes? *
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Given your other activities and your status as a student, how much time and energy do you feel you can devote to the Community? *
There are weekly/monthly/quarterly commitments residents have to the community. Some of these commitments are dinners, meetings, and work parties (every other Sunday). Do you think that you could balance these in your schedule?
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Conflict is an inevitable part of community living. What is one potential conflict you foresee, and how would you resolve it? *
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What do you anticipate will be difficult for you here? What do you anticipate will be good for you here? What makes you feel safe and comfortable? *
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Describe a project that you worked on which would highlight your passions, skills, and/or know-how. What was your role in the project? How did you use your skills (organizational, interpersonal, physical, intellectual, etc.) to complete the project? Or what is a project you would like to start and how do you foresee yourself engaging with it? *
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By nature of living in a coop you are actively involved in resistance in many different areas (i.e. capitalism, patriarchy, racism, racist food systems, excessive waste production, materialism, heteronormativity, sexism, transphobia, colonialism, negative body-image, gender stereotypes, etc.). In what aspects of your life do you find yourself actively resisting unjust forces? *
Disclaimer: For the above question, if you lack experience or knowledge with any of these concepts, this will not be held against you in this application. People enter this space with varying levels of experience and knowledge, and every person is given an opportunity to learn, change, and alter their perspective, and to contribute to this community in whatever way they can. This question is an opportunity to discuss your interests/experiences and how they fit into this community.
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The Domes have open, potluck style dinners Mon-Thurs @7pm and encourage applicants to join and get to know the community. Are you able to attend dinner(s)? *
Do you have other obligations that would prevent you from meeting the community (work, family, school, extra curricular commitments)? If so, what other availability do you have to get to know the community?
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Is there anything else you would like the community to know while considering your application? (Accessibility needs, dietary needs, privacy needs, personality, history, culture etc.) 
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