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Join us in Ottawa, Ontario on May 4-7, 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary of Confederation!
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SUSK is a proud parent to over 20 USOs! Find your local USO listed (West-East), or indicate otherwise toward the bottom.
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Congress Role
Delegates: To register as delegates, individuals must be current student members of a Ukrainian Students’ Organization (USO) registered with SUSK. Delegates may attend the full Congress and may be entitled to a vote as per their USO allocation outlined in the SUSK Constitution. If you are not sure of the status of your USO, please contact Observers: Any individual may register as an observer. Observers may attend the full Congress, but are not entitled to vote.
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Is this your first SUSK Congress?
List of Congress Committees
Constitutional Amendments - Responsible for processing proposed amendments to the SUSK Constitution, if any.

Elections - Overseeing the election process for the incoming 2017/18 National SUSK Executive

Resolutions - Receive the proposed Resolutions for the 2017/18 SUSK Executive, process as appropriate and bring them forward to the Congress on the final day.

Are you interested in being a Congress Committee Member?
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Constitutional Amendments Elections Resolutions
Are you interested in running for the 2017-2018 National Executive?
If answered yes to the above question, which position(s) are you considering?
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