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Please fill in this application form to be considered as a recipient of this years fundraising for your local city or international partner with Fasting5K. All applications submitted are reviewed by board and scored in terms of alignment with mission theme, collaboration support leading up to event, and project impacts.
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Project Description
The Mission this year is to support projects assisting youth with disabilities. The set of questions below focus on “how your organization will use funds from Fasting 5K to support specific projects that meet the objective of this year’s mission and how much support your organization can provide in event day preparation.” The event is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2019,
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If selected, this description will be used on advertising materials on website and social media platforms to garner support. Please be concise, clear, and state objectives of project, fundraising goal, and outcome of meeting objectives.
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Examples such as youth, refugees, teens, women, families, etc.
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Charity Partnership Support
Provide details about support that you can provide to Fasting5K in helping with event promotion, emailing groups, media/press contacts, event day support, etc.
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If selected, what additional resources can you provide to ensure fundraising is successful for your project through Fasting5K (marketing, press contacts, *
Is there anything else you would like for us to know about your organization, project, or partnership?
Charity Logos for Marketing
If selected, we will need charity logos for social media campaign and marketing. Please upload high resolution charity logos in *.jpg, *.eps, or *.png format that can be utilized for T-shirt printing and social media campaigns. Preferably 1 in color and 1 in black and white if possible.
If you would like to upload any additional information, please include
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