Studio XIV Dance Co. Waiver
Acknowledgement of Risk and Waiver of Liability & Photo Release Waiver Form
I hereby acknowledge that my participation in the dance classes and activities offered by Studio XIV could involve possible personal injury. By signing this release form I assume all risks in connection with participating in the Dance Program. I agree to release and hold harmless the Owner (defined above), Studio XIV, and each of their teachers, instructors, staff members, and facilities from any liability, cause of action, claims or demands now and in the future. I also hereby agree to not hold any of the Studio XIV Parties liable for any injury, damages or losses in connection with my participation in the Dance Program.
Photo & Video Release Form
I hereby authorize Studio XIV to utilize photographs, videos, and recordings (collectively the “Images”) of myself either captured by the Studio XIV Parties or provided by me in any promotional material, including but not limited to social media websites and outlets, brochures, promotional videos and dance clips, and posters. I hereby release and discharge the Studio XIV Parties of and from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, liability, damages, and losses of any kind and nature that arise directly or indirectly from the use of my name and/or the Images. The Images are to be used exclusively by the Studio XIV Parties and may not be sold, licensed or otherwise transferred by the Studio XIV Parties.I fully understand and acknowledge that the Studio XIV Parties are relying on the statements above, and that my participation in the Dance Program are conditioned upon this Acknowledgement, Waiver and Release form.
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