Bottomless pit of requests
When I'm bored I'll probably pick something from here to draw. I usually don't draw my own characters or fanart since I'm not creative ;v;

Try and keep one form per character so it'll be less cluttered in my response box.

Older the request, the less likely I'll pick it so you're allowed to fill out the form many times over the months. I feel like if I do an old request you won't be interested in the art anymore since it's been days/weeks/months and that you're over the character.
Things I can and can't draw
What I can do :D
✔ Animals, feral, anthro
✔ Human, Humanoid, Kemonomimi
✔ Closed/Open species characters

Ehh, iffy but I can try
✿ Much frill, much lace
✿ Couples, groups
✿ Anthro reptile/bird/non-furred animal
✿ Beard, stubble, hairy

Hell no, I won't even try
✘ Mecha, heavily armored
✘ Most Fetishes
✘ Bald, no hair
✘ Old ass, wrinkly person ;v;
✘ Buff, really muscular
✘ Ugly, grotesque
✘ Extreme gore
✘ Lots of piercing, body modification
To the Form!
Username and Site *
Where are you from so I can tag/credit you when I post the drawing (eg. Mousu on Youtube)
Did you want me to message you if I pick/finish your request? *
Type of Art *
Is this character(s) your's or is it from a game or show? If I was to post it online somewhere will people say it's fanart or original art?
Name and link(s) to character reference(s) *
Provide links to pages that has images that'll help me draw your character. I will not only draw from a written description. Go to new line for each link you provide (Shift+Enter for new line)
Preferred drawing style *
I'll take it into consideration when I draw
I would love if it had...
A few words that you would use to describe this character *
Somethings that'll help me draw your character. I don't want to read a text wall of a bio xD (eg. Evil, loves bread, gloomy, smirks, and loves halloween)
Any additional information you would like to provide
(eg. Castiel getting Dean from Hell, Naruto AU, Yuno killing someone, OCs doing the sex, OC surrounded by dolls and sweets, make it cute as possible, pastel theme, etc)
Information and TOS
♦ Please keep in mind I'm doing these for free and on my freetime.
♦ I have artistic freedom. You can suggest something but I'm not required to stick to it.
♦ The artwork will be posted across many different sites.
♦ I have full rights to my artwork.
♦ I reserve the right to use the art in my portfolio, gallery, book, etc.
♦ You're allowed to use the art for personal use.
♦ You do not have commercial rights.
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