YPIC members survey
We are here for you. Your feedback will be used to decide on what will be organized. Thank you for thinking along!
Your current academic degree is
Your current employer is
Are you a registered member of your national proteomic association?
Are you a registered member of HUPO?
Do you participate in national proteomic association or EUPA conferences?
Who covers your expenses for conferences, training or summer school?
Have you been a proteomic project leader?
Do you have acess to proteomic instruments?
Are you familiar with current trends in proteomics?
Do you have access to proteomics journals and protocols?
Can you easily find proteomic job opportunities?
Can you easily find and apply for exchange programs?
Would you participate in proteomic discussion groups on the official YPIC web-page?
In your opinion what should be YPICs main objectives? (1 low - 8 high priority)
Connect people from proteomic field
Organize workshops about project writing and management
Organize proteomic summer school and conferences for joung proteomic researchers
Organize workshops about publishing and public speaking
Only provide news from the field on official YPIC web-page
Only create discussion groups concearning above mentioned topics on the official YPIC web-page
Create YPIC members CV database accessible to registered companies and future employers
Group discussions on "daily life issues"
Think about the furture of scientific practice
Work to become an influential organization to help change the course of science
Create think tanks, e.g. on dissemination of Proteomics science to the broader community and getting it into mainstream media
Do you have any other open suggestion for us? Really, anything you can think of!
Will you participate in YPIC events?
Will you participate in the YPIC Challenge?
Would you like to register as a YPIC member?
Do you want to be involved in organizing future YPIC events?
How did you find YPIC survey?
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