Thank you so much for your interest! Any question or problems filling this out email contact@lalobaloca.com
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I just want to know so that I get a better sense of who I am able to reach out :D
Are you a person of color?
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If you are not a person of color, in what ways do you smash white supremacy?
What territories will you be taking the knowledge share from? *
Are you applying for the Youth of Color scholarship? *
The amount of scholarship we are able to give out depend on private sponsors. You are ellegible to apply If you are all of the following: 1) not able to afford the fee for the knowledge share 2) 21 years old or younger 3) If you are: Indigenous, African American/Black/of the African Diaspora, Chican@/Latin@, Multiracial person of color, Asian, South Asian, West Asian/Arab, Pacific Islander, First Nations, Alaskan Native, Native American, mixed person of color, or any other ancestry that has molded your life experience as a person of color
What identities do you embody? What intersections 'cross you'? *
race, class, gender, sexuality, migration, etc.
Which track are you interested on? *
We have two tracks tracks available for those that want to participate in CYCLE 6 starting 3/31/2018. The Do It Yourself (DIY) track and the DIT (Do It Together) track. The monetary exchange for this knowledge share is sliding scale, this means that people will give the amount on the scale that they can afford, for the DIY track is $70-$170 per person. The sliding scale for the DIT track is $170-$270 per person. The third track is the Self-Paced track for people that cannot participate in the cycles that have set start and end times and would rather pick their start date when they are free. Folx that want to participate in the Self-Paced track must email me to contact@lalobaloca.com. More info on the different tracks can be found here: https://goo.gl/bsr1kv
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