Clackamas County Veterans Village (CCVV) Volunteer Interest Form Phase 2: Nov 18-Dec17 2017
Please read through the paragraphs below carefully to ensure the richest experience for both you and us!

We are looking for able-bodied volunteers to help us build the remaining 5 pods for the purpose of temporarily housing veterans in Clackamas County. This can only happen with the support of volunteers!

Ideally volunteers will be able-bodied (used to physically strenuous work), stay for the entire session, bring their own tools and have some experience with building! If this description doesn't fit you please consider various other efforts to support houseless people described at

Whether or not you get to volunteer with us, we encourage you to get more involved in this movement. Please especially note that as the weather gets more treacherous for those living outside, it is imperative that we harness this outburst of compassion into more actions that can save the lives of our brothers and sisters on the streets immediately. Please also consider volunteering at your local church/shelter and organizing locally within your community to ensure that the safety of our unhoused neighbors during the upcoming severe weather. There are numerous other opportunities/organizations/efforts to plug into ongoing houseless advocacy and support that we will list/update on our project webpage:

The response to this project has been beautiful and inspiring. We received 138 responses to our last phase of building! We are so grateful that you are interested in supporting this incredible cause. Having said that, we may not be able to plug in all the interest in this project right away given our specific constraints including our site's limit of handling 10-15 volunteers per day. With this in mind, we ask that you are patient with our response times and not too disappointed if we are unable to fit you into our schedule. In other words, this is a volunteer interest form and not a volunteer sign up form. We will be in touch with you to confirm your participation.

We schedule volunteers on a weekly basis. Please expect an 'RSVP' email from us either on Sunday night or Monday morning of the week that you have indicated your availability/availabilities. You will then be asked to 'RSVP' for your chosen date(s) in that week. We will fill the schedule in the order RSVPs are received. If you have RSVP'd for a date that is already full, you will receive an additional email letting you know that your help will not be needed at that time. If you do not hear back after you RSVP, you are considered to be scheduled, and we will expect to see you on the date(s) you have RSVP'd for.

*Tools*: Please label any tools or items you bring to the site to avoid inadvertent tool swaps.
-drill/impact driver/bits
-air compressor/air hose/framing nailer
-saw horses
-extension cords/power strips/cube tabs
-tape measure/speed square/carpenters pencils
-circular saw
-hammer/vice grips
-positive attitude
-work gloves/proper foot attire/ear and eye protection
-rain/sun gear (layers)

Please pack a lunch, water including your water bottle and snacks to keep you comfortable all day.

Please email Emily Klepper: EmilyKle(at)co(dot)clackamas(dot)or(dot)us

More information about the project and other houseless advocacy efforts here:
Due to the high volume of interest in this project, please only email us if your question is not answered in the via the webpage above! If it is, we may not send you an individual response. If it is not, we will do our best to respond to you within a week. Thanks for your understanding. Our email is

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