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Application of interest to become a local retailer at GUILD | Dunedin Designed Inc.
Guild | Dunedin Designed Inc.
Introducing Guild.
Guild is a stylish central Dunedin retail and gallery space run by Dunedin Designed Inc, a society conceived to support Dunedin and New Zealand designers, makers and artists. The store is located at 45 Moray Place, Dunedin.
Fundamentally, Guild is a shop, but one which is focused on working with independent creatives. Guild’s aim is to extend the stories behind locally designed, quality goods and in turn forge a strong bond between its customers and its designers.

At Guild designers rent “units” from the space. This concept forms the basis of the running of the space. These units relate to “real estate” in the space as well as operating costs and time spend staffing the space. Most of the spaces are taken permanently by established Dunedin designers, who show a mix of fashion, cosmetics and homeware. Remaining spaces are curated to showcase rotating exhibitions from artists around New Zealand.

The society is now calling for applications for new local resident retailers, commencing as soon as possible, for a 6 month minimum term. This is what you're applying to be a part of!

Applications with high quality products in these categories are of particular interest at this time (but not limited to):
Cosmetics / skincare

Renting a 'unit' involves a low $20 weekly rent fee, and commitment to work a weekly shift in the central Dunedin shop. Sales made in the shop are reimbursed to the designer, less a small 10% commission for the society's running costs. [These costs are subject to change]
Selected retailers are required to pay a $95 establishment fee at the outset of the rental period.

- Applications are open now, and will be considered carefully by the Society. Selected designers will be notified as soon as possible
- Commencement date for 'exhibiting' is to be confirmed, please note availability in your application.

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The background to your brand, how long you’ve been operating, where else you sell etc
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Product range, concept, customer base, materials, where they are made, price range etc.
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Fit-out and presentation
Describe how you would ideally present your range in store; i.e. clothing rack, wall space, cabinet etc
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All retailers are required to work 1 regular shift per week in the shop. Indicate your availability *
Store hours are Mon-Sat 10-5pm. The store is staffed 100% by resident designers. At times where there is not a designer assigned to a regular day/time, all designers will need to provide cover by rotation i.e. occasional Saturdays. Please check any/all times that may suit you on a regular basis. Generally, you will only be required to work 1 shift/unit/week, to fit with an existing roster, a final roster will be confirmed with the successful applicant on a month-by-month basis.
Availability - other possible times
The slots above fit the current store hours. If there are times outside these slots that suit (i.e. early mornings, late nights, or Sunday) please indicate. This helps us to maximise store hours across all retailers' availability.
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Availability - commencement date
Please indicate how soon you could be fully stocked, set up & ready to commence at Guild
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Other information
Any extra information relevant to your application i.e. retail experience, brand or product details etc
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Submission of images, samples, and brief meeting
Please ensure you email a minimum of 3 product images. The Executive Committee will arrange a time to meet to discuss your application further.
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By submitting your application, you're able to fulfil the following requirements of a resident retailer at Guild
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