Strategic Visioning Process
As we approach our 53rd year of serving the educational community, we are embarking on a journey to redefine our Mission, Vision, and Core beliefs. With the help of a Guidance Team consisting of internal and external members we will be hosting a number of stakeholder meetings to request feedback to further assist us.

Why are we doing this? ESC-20 is planning in a time when…

o State accountability is tightening.
o Cross-sector collaboration is required to address complex problems in our communities.
o Technology is disrupting traditional delivery models.
o The Center has strong foundations and resources that can be leveraged for results.
o The changing needs of LEAs demand continual and rapid cycles of design and re-design.
o The need to stay relevant and competitive is critical.

The questions that you answer will help guide us through the process of creating a new Mission, Vision, and refining our Core beliefs to mirror our current and future needs and expectations.
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