Aletheia Worship Application
Thank you for your interest in serving on the music team at Aletheia Harrisonburg. This team exists to point the church (ourselves included) to Jesus and to see Him glorified through the music we create and experience. We would ask you to please fill out this application so that we could get to know you a little better before proceeding with the audition process.
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Spiritual Background
Are you a follower of Jesus Christ? *
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If you are a follower of Christ, in a few sentences, how would you articulate the Gospel?
In all we say and do we want to point people to Jesus and we believe it's important for our team members to be able to do so.
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How long have you been coming to Aletheia Church?
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Are you involved in an Aletheia Church Community Group? *
If "yes", who is your Community Group leader(s)?
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Are you currently serving in any capacity at Aletheia Church?
If "yes", in what area(s) are you serving?
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Have you served in any capacity at another church?
If "yes", in what area(s) have you served?
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Musical Background
In what position(s) are you interested in auditioning? *
How long have you been playing this instrument? *
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Have you had private lessons? *
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What kind of music can you read? *
Have you been in a band and/or worship team before? *
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Do you own or have access to your own instrument / other music gear? *
Do you have experience using IEM's (In Ear Monitors)? *
Do you have experience playing or practicing to a click-track / metronome? *
Aletheia Worship Commitment
Are you able to commit to weekly rehearsals? *
Thursday's from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. You will only rehearse on the weeks that you are scheduled for a Sunday morning.
Are you able to commit to Sunday mornings? *
Sunday's from 7:45am until 12:30pm. You won't be scheduled to serve every Sunday, but being available is important.
Character References
Please provide two references below who can speak to your character.
Reference #1
Please include name & phone
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Reference #2
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By submitting this form, you are confirming that the information contained in this application is an honest evaluation of your passion to serve Christ with your musical abilities.
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