Participating Organization for Startup Walk
This form is for Startups who want to participate in Startup Walk Chennai Edition 2017. This is NOT a Participant form.

You would have to be a product startup, coworking space, accelerator / incubator or VC firm to participate. Services companies, kindly excuse. If you are a startup, you should have a product out in the market to qualify.

Thank you for your interest in Startup Walk.

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Please share the person email id you use, NOT or It is important we get in touch with you.
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Share your exact address. It would help us to check feasibility of including it in the routes. If you can add a link to Google Maps, it would greatly help.
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We make the visits in batches. There are some startups who are in their early stages who work out of smaller spaces. Depending on the space you have, we can split the batches into smaller groups so that you can accommodate them. We keep a top limit of 50 (beyond that it becomes difficult to manage for anyone).
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There are some folks who've just gotten a new office and love having people over, While others are aggressively expanding and are looking for folks to join their team. Would love to understand your intentions (so that we can curate this better)
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These are the following things you'll require in order to participate in startup walk: a) Operating out of a space which can accomodate a group of people who can drop by. b) There is a cost attached to participating, which is how we cover the logistical costs of this initiative. c) You and your team will be friendly and play host to those who drop by the office during the walk. Do you agree?
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